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Sunita Hydrocolloids Pvt. Ltd. (SHPL) , is involved in manufacturing of native, clean, roasted and purified guar meal korma as well as clean guar meal churi. SHPL offers a wide selection of products for specific requirements; our guar meal korma & churi are being sold under the trade name “SUNFEED” and used as a natural source of protein in different feed formulations.

SHPL is one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of guar meal protein for various types of animals, livestock & birds like cattle, rabbit, poultry, turkey, quail, fish etc. SHPL offers guar meal korma products with minimum protein content 48%, 50%, 52%, 55% and 60%. We are also manufacturing guar meal churi with minimum 35% protein content.SUNFEED grade guar meal protein is one of the best source of protein & 100% natural without any preservatives. SHPL is also having a subsidiary Sunita Hydrocolloids Inc. (SHI) based in Houston,Texas, USA. SHI is established to facilitate easy accessibility and prompt delivery of guar meal protein in USA and nearby countries.

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    Native guar meal korma with 48-50% protein content and can be used as a cheaper... …


    Native guar meal korma with minimum 50-52% protein content and can replace soyabean...


    Clean guar meal korma is manufactured by using state of art technology …


    Native form of guar meal korma is having trypsin inhibitor activity …


    Native form of guar korma is having lot of antinutritional components like saponins, phenols, phytic


    Native guar churi sold in international market as a cheaper source of protein for feed formulations